What is your chemical Body Burden? 

Each day the average female can use over 200 different chemicals on her face and body and about half that amount for the average male.  We burden our bodies UNNECESSARILY each day by using chemical based products in cosmetics, cleaning products and even in our food.  

Reduce your body burden by slowly eliminating chemical based products from your daily routine. 

Why use synthetic or chemical based products when natural products contain vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium, zinc and other minerals that are good for your heart, skin, body, scalp and hair.

Please follow the links from our “Ingredients” Menu to see some of the befits natural ingredients can provide.  Nature provides us with the ingredients we need to nourish our face and body.  We use a combination of these ingredients in our formulas based on the product we are creating.

Remember it is not only the ingredients that matter, how they are extracted is equally important. 

All our plant based materials are extracted naturally without the use of chemicals.  They are then made into high quality natural cosmetic versions of the plant or seed they were extracted from.