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My Natural Being Face & Body oil can assist with:

  • Dry Skin
  • Daily Moisturising
  • Skin Hydration
  • Minor Skin Damage
  • Scalp Hydration
  • Anti Ageing
  • Protecting Skin
  • Massage
  • Hair Ends
  • Youthful Skin
  • Repair Dry Skin
  • Rejuvenate Skin

INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure, Premium Steam Distilled Macadamia Oil

Some Typical Uses:

Our premium steam distilled Face & Body Oil is a natural oil for ultra-hydration.  It can nourish, sooth, moisturise and protect your precious skin

For best results use morning and evenings to nourish your skin.  Our Face & Body Oil naturally assists with helping your skin to stay youthful.  It can improve the appearance of scars and minor skin damage.

It is also good for your scalp, ends of your hair and can nourish and repair dry skin.

Use this 100% natural oil to moisturise, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin.

This natural oil can have a slightly nutty smell, you can mix in a few drops of your favourite fragrant essential oil to personalise.


Place a few drops of oil on your hands and while your Face and or Body is damp:

(Body) gently apply all over your body
(Face) gently apply to your face and décolletage

Gently massage the oil until it is absorbed into your skin. Repeat as necessary.

How much oil should I use each time?

This will vary from person to person as we all have different skin types. If your skin feels oily, you are using too much oil. If your skin feels dry and you want more moisture, you are probably not using enough oil.

The oil should absorb and not you skin should not feel greasy or oily after application. Your skin should feel hydrated, softer and smoother after applying the correct amount.

Most people need 3 to 5 drops per application, repeat as necessary — please adjust accordingly to your skin’s individual needs.

100% Natural, 100% Australian, 100% Goodness

Using products that naturally contain vitamins and elements to promote positive skin health provides great benefits for your everyday well-being. We are proud to have created a natural, premium, single ingredient product at an everyday affordable price.

My Natural Being Face & Body Oil is made naturally from 100% Australian grown produce.  First the raw produce is cold pressed and then steam distilled to remove all impurities.  During the manufacturing process from start to finish there are no chemicals used to carefully create this premium product.

As this is a 100% natural product the colour of the oil will vary from batch to batch, this is totally normal.

My Natural Being Face & Body oil naturally contains:

  • Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) – Assists with restoring your skins barrier function and keeping your skin hydrated.
  • Palmitoleic Acid (Omega 7) – This assists with repairing and healing your skin
  • Oleic Acid – Assists with moisturising and anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for a dry, sensitive skin types.
  • Phytosterols – helps penetrate to the deepest layers of your skin.

Macadamia oil has been found to slow the signs of ageing, reduce blemishes, improve the appearance of scars and other minor skin irritations.  It can assist with soothing sunburn and has a low sun shield factor.

Regular application of this oil can help protect your skin from oxidative stress and UV radiation damage while keeping it soft and supple.

This product is 100% natural, it doesn’t contain chemicals or have an extensive list of ingredients. It is simply a natural oil that will help hydrate and repair your skin without the use of harmful ingredients.


If you are concerned about nut allergies, please consult a health professional prior to use. The allergen usually comes from the protein in the nut, not from the oil. During the extraction process the protein is removed from the oil.

The oil has been steam distilled reducing the risk of irritation to people with nut allergies. We recommend consulting your doctor prior to use if you have a nut allergy. It is unlikely (but not impossible) this oil will cause nut allergen irritation.

Face and Body Baby Oil Specification Document

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