is a premium Australian company focusing on skin care, baby needs, beauty needs and personal care.

about us

Founded in beautiful sunny Queensland Australia, we carefully create 100% natural, chemical free products at affordable prices for everyday use.

We are an Australian based business to business (B2B) company. We develop our products to be sold through third party distributors, wholesalers and selected retail stores. We have minimum order quantities in place to maximise production efficiencies, to minimise freight, shipping, duty and import/export costs.

While price is important, creating high quality products and remaining chemical free is our primary motivation. We are committed and passionate about offering natural products that enhance your everyday life or “Your Natural Being”.

To achieve affordable everyday pricing of our products, we remove several layers of distribution. By saving on distribution costs we produce high quality natural products you can afford to use every single day of your life.

When you use natural products every day you enrich your health, your wellbeing and your everyday life becomes more enjoyable.

You feel better and you are able to enjoy life without adding an additional strain on your body as it tries to cleanse itself from any harmful chemicals you might apply to your skin.

When you eliminate compromised ingredients from your life you support the future of your body, your longevity, our farmers, our earth, and you can reduce the chance of illness.